Saturday, October 23, 2004

Fun, fun, fun

Last night I had the best time. Real World called me at about 1 and said that her boyfriend in the states broke up with her. To me, this was no shocker because he's clearly gay (he can't get it up for girls, but can for boys, how much clearer can it be?). So, she wanted to go out and party. Well, actually, she wanted to meet up in the day so she could go on and on about it. I wasn't having any of that because just the day before, she'd gone on and on, and while I'm generally a good listener and a good friend, I had shit to do.

Anyway, I called her later and she told me about this club she read about with 80s and 90s music (and, as it turns out two live bands). I was a little nervous about going out to the club with her for two reasons: 1. She's the type of girl that will try to jump you, even though you've made it clear that you're just friends; and, 2. She's the worst sort of drunk (and I'm not interested in babysitting people that can't hold their spirits).

But, I went anyway. Her friend from Sierra Leone picked me up at Earl's Court and then we all rode down to South London (almost to Brixton). It's pretty getto-licious down there, but in a safe way. We ended up getting to the club at about 1030. Real World wasn't having a great time and kept fiddling with her impossibly short skirt so I told her to lighten up. Over the course of the night, I ended up meeting two girls (one from Poland, one from the Czech Republic), danced like crazy, and just thoroughly enjoyed myself. I think it was just a reflection of my mood. I was in very good spirits, I was wearing some new threads (that increase my sexiness 10 fold, I must say!), and I was completely committed to having a great time, even if Real World was a Real Downer.

Fortunately, Real World got the idea when I was dancing with the Polish girl. She found herself an Australian boy and spent the rest of the night getting all over him. That worked for me.

Anyway, after the club closed (about 230), Real World, her Aussie, and two African friends and I piled into the car and went to an "after hours" spot. That's apparently jargon for "illegal nightclub that you must know people to even know about, not to mention get into". It was fun. The outside was totally dark, it looked like an office that was closed for the night. But you go inside and it's actually a really nice place. Of course, the first thing I noticed was that the place absolutely reeked of Reefer. Lots of Jamaican's around. Go figure.

I was there literally like 2 seconds before this british girl started trying to pick me up. She was nice (and nicely hot), but I had a mental block on this one. Bear with me - her name was Michele. Sorry. I just can't get with a Michele (or an Anne - I think). Too weird. (For those of you who may not be aware - Michele is my sister's name.) But I chatted with her for about an hour until the place closed. I also have vague memories of this total wierdo giving me his business card, but I'm not sure why.

After that place closed (about 430), Real World, the Aussie, and me went back to his flat - which was about 5 minutes away. He lives above a warehouse with about 12 other people (all Aussies). It's very Real World 1995 (and I had a private chuckle when I made that observation) and a pretty cool place. I had to hang out there until 630 because the trains weren't running until then. But there were 2 other people up and we sat around drinking beer and chatting. Real World had it in mind to stay with her fellow (as I knew she would), which is just how she rolls.

I got home at about 715 and promptly collapsed until 230. I'm not a huge fan of staying up all night, but this was an exception. I went to a new part of London, met 3 pretty girls (two of whom I'll be seeing again), went to a totally dodgy nightclub, met some Aussies, and didn't get that drunk. All in all, a great night.


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