Monday, October 25, 2004

London Weather is quite fickle

Well, so much for my plan to go for a walk down to the Thames. London weather changes fast and yesterday was no exception. So instead, I met up with my friend Evan and watched Manchester United stop Arsenal's 49 game unbeaten streak. Really sloppy futball by both teams and ManU won by the virtue of a phantom penalty in the box and a non-called offsides score. Still, quite exciting with the 130 or so Brits that filled the pub.

I couldn't sleep last night so I ended up watching the second half of the World Series. Funny how Channel 5 has now decided to play US sports - even going so far to call it the home of North American sports. They're showing basketball starting in November, not that I'll get to see much because I'm not usually going to be up for a 130 am start time. Funny thing about the show is that they have two guys - 1 brit and 1 american - both wearing tuxes providing commentary during commercial breaks. Brilliant.

Today was back to class. My IPE class looks good. It goes at a very fast pace and deals with a lot of interesting issues. Tomorrow is research methods and I start work on Wednesday. Busy week.


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