Sunday, October 24, 2004


I woke up this morning aspiring to make a real, down home breakfast. I had stayed up late to watch about half of game 1 of the World Series (Finally on TV!), so when I say "morning", I really mean 1215 this afternoon. Quickly mobilizing, I went down to the local Sommerfield (grocer) and picked up some eggs and bacon. I was going to get sausage, but they have a terrible selection at this store and all I could find were the really fat sausages, which just don't fit for breakfast. Anyway, I made a fruit salad, cooked up my bacon, fried up my potatos, and fried up two eggs. I was all set. Only problem is - British bacon tastes like SALTY ASS. Seriously. No good at all. Lesson learned. The Brits know their sausage, but they just have completely objectionable bacon. It was so salty I could hardly eat it. And, since it was a 2 for 1 special, I have an entire pack uncooked in my fridge. I'm debating on whether to throw it out or not.

Today happens to be a rarity in London this time of the year - absolutely gorgeous. So I think I'm going to go for a walk down to the Thames and maybe Battersea Park. I'll conclude this short post with today's Horoscope from The Independent:

"Aries 22 Mar - 20 Apr
Chatter will dissipate your energies. Gossip will eat away at your moral foundations. Less conversation, more action. The only dialogue you should undertake is physical. Your bombastic sexuality needs expression; encourage your partner to adopt a submissive, admiring posture (kneeling, probably)."

I'm the Nob Chief and I approve this message.


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