Monday, February 11, 2008

Dishonest Reporting

You know, I'm getting real tired of CNN and the rest of the world with the following headline (or derivation): "Clinton still leads in Delegates, Obama closing".

It just doesn't represent the truth. According to CNN, Clinton has 1,148 to Obama's 1,121. But that's hogwash because it includes the Superdelegates WHO HAVE NOT YET VOTED. It's estimate, a guess, of how those superdelegates will vote, nothing more. It's especially absurd considering that Superdelegates are inherently fickle and an early "pledge" to vote one way, means little. Aside from Clinton, Bill there is no way to guarantee that Hillary's pledged Superdelegates actually vote for her and we won't know that for a long time.

A more honest way to report this would be: Obama 986 - Clinton 924. Because that's the truth. Obama is ahead on delegates. That is, delegates that have actually voted and whose votes are fixed. Rant over.

UPDATE: Yahoo is significantly different. As in, honest.



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