Wednesday, October 27, 2004


I seem to have not posted since Monday. Not sure what happened to yesterday. At any rate, I started my job today. Everyone seemed nice, should be a good place to work. I have to say, though, the Brits are entertaining. Two associates took me out for lunch (one's actually a Kiwi). We went to this fancy ass place, had an expensive and nice lunch that lasted 2 hours, and, in the traditional British way, had beer with our food. Yes, at 100 in the afternoon, we were drinking beer. Good times. I really had nothing to do all day. I think they planned it that way. They wanted to orientate me or some such thing. So they intentionally start you slow. At 530, the office administrator came around and told me to go home, and I quote, "What are you still doing here? It's your first day. Go home!" I'm like, solid. The whole hours thing isn't anything like the US as far as I can tell. I'm a half-time employee, regardless if I work the full 20 or only 15. Very odd. I feel like I'm getting paid by the hour, but that's actually just a figure to make it possible to figure out what a half time employee would get paid. In other words, I'm not getting paid by the hour - I'm getting paid half what a full time employee in my position would earn.

I'm not complaining. But I do hope there will be some actual work to do tomorrow.

Another thing I noticed right away - the Brits are much more formal in workplace dress. I am required to wear a tie every day. Women are required to dress up. I don't mind much, even if I do feel a little like a trained monkey in my tie rolling to work on the train with other be-tied monkeys. All in all, I think I'm going to enjoy working there and it will be a daily learning experience since they're all Brits or Kwiwis (and 2 or so Americans). It's just a very different environment compared to a US firm.

At any rate, I've slept like crap the last two days, so I'm going to go pass out early tonight. I'm exhausted.


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