Friday, October 29, 2004

It's Friday!

Hurrah! Friday at last. Work is good, but Friday's are extra nice because I only work a half day. Yesterday at work, on my very 1st assignment, I screwed up. I was asked to flag some things and I ended up way overflagging because I misunderstood which names I was looking for. Definately my fault for not asking for clarification. What a way to start off a job. Now that I've set the lowest possible benchmark, I'll look great when I actually achieve a minimum threshhold of competence. Today I had absolutely nothing to do, so I ended up surfing the web for 4 hours. I'm hoping for more substantive work next week. (And yes, I'm probably in violation of a dozen temp rules right now.)

I had an eye appointment after work today. Guess what? I need new glasses. Yikes are they expensive here too. I have a stigmatism in my left eye again. It's like an old friend, come again to keep me company. Two funny things about the eye shop. They played Outkast's "Roses" over the speakers. Yes, that's the song that says, "You say your shit don't stink, but your roses smell like poo poo" as well as repeating "crazy bitch" about 13 times at the end of the song. And no, it was not an edited version.

The other thing was when the eye doctor described what a stigmatism was (not that I needed yet another description of my malfunctioning eyes) she said my eye "should be shaped like a football, but instead is shaped like a rugby ball". It took me a moment to realize that a "football" is round in this country, because I seriously thought she had just described the exact same thing.

Tonight I'm going to "uni pub" (university) for a 2 hour meet and greet with the new students that just started (they have new students every quarter here). There are like 45, which is totally unheard of from what I understand. Free drinks. Later I'm going back to the same club I was at last week, although I hope to be home before 730 - because I just can't do that again. Too damn late.


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