Sunday, November 28, 2004

Back in Action

The internet is out at the house (again), so I haven't been able to post.

Thanksgiving was a decent sort of celebration. I worked all day and then went to my friend Dave's house. He had a 22 pound turkey that was more like a small pig than anything. There were a bunch of youngins there though. Dave dates a 20 year old Bulgarian and all of her friends are 19 or 20, as you might imagine. I don't really like hanging out with them much. Been there, done that. But, all in all, it was good to hang out with a bunch of Americans and stuff our faces. After I got home, I went next door to chat with my British neighbor. He was fascinated about Thanksgiving, so I gave him the rundown.

Friday I didn't do much at all. After work, I went back to sleep. I was exhausted. I was going to go out with the Real Deal on Friday night, but she postponed till Saturday and we talked on the phone for an hour instead. Yesterday, I got up early and spent most of the day working on my papers (with the Real Deal who's working on her thesis). At about six, we went out to a pub and met up with her roomate. It was a great, great night. Her roomate is a very bad drunk, but it didn't matter. We were so focused on each other that we barely noticed (leading her roomate to say many inappropriate things).

Today I'm back at school hoping to not only accomplish a good bit on my papers, but also run into the RD. She should be here at some point. I have a ton of work to do as the quarter is quickly winding down, but I'm confident. It's just about putting the time in.


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