Monday, November 15, 2004

This is why I love feedback...

Seriously - I feel much better about the Real World thing. Thanks for the comment. I can't just ditch her as a friend because I literally see her five days a week and in moderate doses she can be fun. She's in both of my classes and she works one block from where I do. That being said, I have to keep her in perspective. Yesterday she sent me a bunch of texts saying that I was bad mouthing her behind her back (don't think I did). Today she was all smiles and acted like it didn't happen. Note to self: Real World is crazy.

Let's see, the last couple days I've basically been working on this damnable paper. See, I had it in me to actually study something I wasn't familiar with. I could have chosen something simple like the China-Taiwan crisis of 1996 (when China "tested" missiles over Taiwan during their elections - the US deployed the 7th Fleet from Japan to deter any military action). Instead, I chose the seriously complicated IMF bailout of South Korea in 1997. I thought it would be interesting (and it is), but I didn't realize that for someone with zero economics training, I would basically have to learn simple economics before I could begin to comprehend the current-account deficit, floating currencies, etc. Now, after spending about 30 hours on this paper, I'm almost done with it and I have a grasp of the material. So maybe it wasn't a bad thing to learn something. Still, part of me wishes I had copped out and gone with an easy case.

I'm actually in a damn good mood about the whole thing. Who knows what grade I'll get (this professor is just totally unpredictable in that regard), but I know I gave A level effort and I think that should show in the end.

Tonight I'm finishing up this paper to some serious hip hop music. I told a friend earlier today that my plan was to blare some hip hop and write my paper and she was shocked. I know, I know. I don't fit the mold. But even beyond that, she said she can only write in absolute quiet. My philosophy is that writing is about rhythm and tempo, just like music. If your prose doesn't have it, it doesn't matter how accurate or precise your arguments are - you'll just end up boring the hell out of the reader. Thus, hip hop. I find Xzibit, Outkast, and the Nappy Roots to be particularly effective.

Re: Date - Nothing significant to report. I'm crazy about her, but she might be leaving the country for good at the end of December and is understandably reluctant to engage in any "entanglements" if that actually happens. So, I'll keep talking to her and seeing her when I can and we'll see what happens. Timing issues haven't traditionally been that favorable for me, but eventually, I figure things have to fall my way. Either way, it is very cool to actually meet a woman that I actually dig (and that is single, unmarried, and straight). Restores a little faith in the system, I suppose.

Re: Lesbian - Never mentioned her on the blog because it wasn't worth it. But I met a friend of a friend at a pub and she seemed nice (and cute) and I was sort of interested until I found out that she was gay. At least she had the curtesy to inform me of such a factor 10 minutes into the conversation.

I've started the next phase of my personal improvement plan: eating right. For quite some time I've been a scavenger who makes the occassional balanced meal. I'm tired of eating like that and I don't like what greasy, cheap eats do to me. So, I've been cooking up nice healthy meals of fish, salad, and fresh veggies. Today's menu was a red pepper, salad, and salmon pan-fried with garlic, basil, lemon, and olive oil. Quite delicious.

See, I have this philosophy about life. If you feel good about yourself, if you work to improve your life, it shows to the people that matter - most importantly yourself. Life has a way of beating down your confidence over the years, so you have to treat yourself right each and every day. Western civilization is governed by unhealthy choices, however. Thus, Bridgett Jones consumes carton after carton of ice cream when her love life is distraught. To me, that's the exact wrong strategy. Things aren't going right for you? Start with yourself and your ass will follow...I mean, wait, isn't that an En Vogue lyric? Whatever, I clearly can't have a single thought without some irreverance entering the picture.

My point is, and I'll only preach for a few more lines, is that life is a series of progressions. Bad things happen to good people. It's a fact of life. But how you respond to bad things is just as, if not more, important than the bad things themselves. It only takes a few small successes to snowball to big things.

That's right, bitch. I'm an optimist.


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