Sunday, October 31, 2004

Go John Kerry, Go

It's official. John Kerry just won the election. Of course I'm speaking of my beloved and grevious Washington Redskins (it's always about the Redskins). They lost tonight. Why does that matter? Because since the Skins moved to DC, every time they've lost the Sunday before the election, the Democrats have won. Every time they win, the Republicans win. So, there you have it. JFK, next president. Thank God.

(But while you're at it God, can you please see the Skins through to victory next week???)


Blogger Eric said...

Well, I was gonna comment that I was disappointed that you hadn't mentioned this sooner. Like before the game and that you were going through some type of moral dilemma as to which outcome you were pulling for, but I can still comment here.

During halftime tonight, ABC explained the link as not being party related, but incumbent related. Therefore when they loose, the sitting pres is done for! I believe Carter lost in 80 after the skins lost the week before, thus negating your angle. That's what happens when you are exposed to futbol rather than football.

What is sad, I really think Kerry will not make things any better, I just know that Bush will make them worse.

1:13 AM  

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