Saturday, November 13, 2004

Catching Up

Don't have a lot of time right now, but I will give a brief synapsis of the last couple days.

Thursday, I worked all day. It was pretty busy. When I got home I decided to cook something nice, so I had a lovely garlic-basil salmon that I fried on the stove. It was delicious. I did some work on my paper Thursday night, but I find it very difficult to do school work on the days I work full time.

Friday I had a half day, so after work I came home and did about four hours of research on my paper. Then I had to meet up with Real World and some of her work friends at a pub. They were decent folk. Real World ended up getting so drunk that by the time we reached the restaurant (730), she passed out with her head face down on the table. When we left at 930, she had regained her composure enough to suggest that she would like to go home (no shit). Three of the girls there (after asking if I was going to take her home - which the clear answer was "hell no", but I will call her a cab) insisted on taking her all the way home.

I suppose that was best, but I was conflicted by that. Real World is my friend, so if she's in trouble, the responsibility falls to me, not some people that she just met. But, I felt that she was together enough that she could get home on her own. So I didn't want to ruin my night if it wasn't entirely necessary. Maybe I should have been more helpful. I'm still not sure. The whole thing was really irritating because I felt like there was this expectation that because I know her, that I should pay for a 20 pound cab ride all the way up to Northwest London just to ensure that she gets home safely. I simply don't know her that well - we're not close enough friends. Maybe I'm being selfish. Or maybe I just think everyone overreacted.

At any rate, after they left to take her home, the rest of us went to this club and saw this band play. They were quite good. I'm a bit fatigued by the club scene though. To give you an indication of how worthless it is, I was talking to this really cute French girl last night when it became evident that: A. She didn't speak English, and B. Neither one of us could hear a word that the other was saying. I did get her name, though.

Today I spent most of the day working on my paper. It's coming along smoothly. I haven't actually written much, but I feel very good about the progress. I think I'll pull it off.

Tonight I actually have a date with a very nice American girl that I met at school. We're just going for coffee, but I'm hopeful. I know her a little bit and she's definitely my type, so we'll see. You don't really go to a foreign country to meet an American girl, but then again, you can't really plan those things. Of course, knowing my luck, she'll either ditch me onto the friend train, turn out to be practically engaged, or simply be a lesbian. That pretty much sums up my experiences with all the women I've met here so far. Such is life. Still, I'm hopeful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, so, I would like to know which girl the date turned out to be, lesbian or otherwise.

And as for the drunk girl, real world, I would, One, not meet up with her again, she is far too draining. And two, having watched the Real World on occasion, those people that live their lives like she does, find ways to get taken care of, let her work-mates take care of her like you did, it is NOT your job. Responsible people should not be faulted or held financially responsible for people that are completely irresponsible - BY CHOICE. She does not have to live that way, don't get sucked into her never ending pool of irresponsibility.

8:37 AM  
Blogger Sebas said...

Oy there! Bully to you for not nobbing that bird mate of yours. Cor blimey, though, chap, it appears you're quite the aesthete, but your blog sucks arse worse than Sporty's solo album. I haven't been bored this badly since me last visit to Pemborough Yards. Advice for you is to make something of your life more than being a bland, toffee-nosed git.

Bob's your uncle, you grotty wanker!

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Steve, It's Kim from DC. Wanted to let you know that on Friday after work I printed out all of October and November and read about your travels while sitting in a cushy Starbucks lounge chair. Steve, you're hilarious. People were cocking their heads at me to see what was so darn funny. Keep up the good work bud!

OK about RW. What could you have done by going home with her? You put her in a cab, that's enough. Don't worry about feeling bad. If she asks you about it just let her know that it's not cool for her to put you in that type of situation. Anyways, it doesn't sound like she'd be the type of girl to sweat that kind of stuff so it's probably no big deal.

Hope all is well and I can't wait to read your next installment!


11:08 AM  

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