Sunday, November 07, 2004


The internet has been out in the house for a couple days, so I have not been able to post. The following is Thursday's post. I'll update the rest of the week below.

As I was enjoying my lunchtime constitutional today, I saw a truck outside an office building that made me chuckle for many reasons. This is, in a nutshell, an example of crass American humor about something that the Brits probably never think twice about. On the side of the truck it said:

"Porn Dunwoody ERS"

That, to me, is self-evidently humorous. Not only does it use Porn within 2 syllables of "wood", but the ERS stood for something like "Emergency Relief Support". In other words, emergency porn. I'll have my attorney file the appropriate papers so that I can start this business when I return to the US.

Other things I noticed:

- At 1pm, the pubs are packed and everyone is getting sauced.
- Businesspeople here really do dress quite poshly, and I'm not complaining. My own personal posh rating is exploding, which, of course, means that I'm half-way to my goal of becoming a posh, yet dodgy bloke. (Actually, I may already be fairly dodgy...)
- I simply love the way people talk here. It's a never ending string of expressions that are unfamiliar, yet entirely entertaining. I only wish I could remember more of them.
- Things are not to be fixed over here, they're to be "sorted out".

Work is extremely dull so far, and I have a feeling it's going to stay that way. The people here don't chat as much as I would prefer, so I haven't gotten to really know anyone at work. Not only that, it doesn't appear that they do much in the way of the happy hour, so post work socialization is not really a factor. Of course, I'm the new, part-timer, so maybe things will open up a bit. Still, all in all, good to be working and making some cash.

I still have yet to get my new spectacles and it's driving me nuts. Where is a lens crafters when you need one? Not only does it cost twice as much, but it takes 14 times as long.

At any rate, I have to tell my election week story now. I haven't mentioned this before, but somewhere between August and now I happened to meet my neighbor. He's a british fellow, 40ish, very nice. He doesn't live in my student house, his flat is just adjacent to mine and we have balconies. At any rate, on election night, he rapped on my window when I came home and invited me over to watch the results with him and his Irish friend. I was planning to watch the results anyway, so I immediately agreed.


Blogger SJH said...

Sorry - crappy computer at the Internet cafe. It keeps screwing up, so I'll sum up the story here:

Six hours later, I'm totally "pissed" as they say. I learned that when you "watch election results", you liberally drink beer all night. It was fun, but damn was work difficult the next day. At any rate, the point is, I spent a good bit of time talking to my neighbor this week and it was interesting to hear his perspective on the election. I'll post more substantive thoughts later.

11:38 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

Now this time you posted a comment to your own post, so u really are having a conversation with yourself...


10:52 PM  

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