Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I can see!

Finally, only 3.5 weeks later, I have new glasses. I'm definitely writing a letter to the managemant on this one. I still don't have my free 2nd pair and there was no excuse. I like my new spectacles however, they are very different from my old style.

Yesterday was another glaring example of absurdity, re: Real World. We got our papers back and she did poorly. She was pissed. Instead of listening to the prof, she argued with him and got super angry. Mind you, this is the same woman that spent about 3 hours on said paper (I spent 30) and acted like she didn't care a week ago. Ok, so we have a break in the middle of class. She comes out and heads straight for the pub downstairs (it was 5 pm and it just opened). As is traditional, I went to the pub as well. After 15 minutes or so, I turned to go back up to class. I don't miss class, ever. (Well, maybe once I did.) RW says, "I'm not going back." She still pissed. I come back 2 hours later and now she's really pissed - the British version that is. Completely hammered. I hung out there with some of my buddies (she was a distant background noise that I must say, I was quite adept at ignoring all night). Of course, RW gets super horny when she gets drunk, and being the ho that she is, that means that she tries to get on any guys in the area. Fortunately, I've been able to deter her with foul language, scathing comments, and general standoffishness. Well, my gay friend Mark was not so fortunate. She was not simply all over him, she was touching him in inappropriate places.

At 1130, they finally kick us out and we all walk back to the tube. RW decides she's not going on the tube because she "wants some chicken". Then she starts insisting that I go with her. Now, if we're talking about a cute girl that I genuinely like, then I'm having me some KFC. So, obviously, I told her firmly that I was not having chicken, I was going home, and that she should too. She opted for the chicken.

Today, she calls me on her way to work (she was late, I was already at work) and tells me she never made it home. I'm like, well, this story just gets better and better. Apparently, she met a guy on the street who had two cute dogs and that's all it took. Tu Pac had a little rhyme in there somewhere...(Girl take it easy, you gotta tease me, if you wanna please me...)

Apparently, the house I live in is run by a Nazi. I must preface this statement by explaining that the house is riddled with warnings and notices suggesting that making noise is worse than eating a child, among other things. Plus, there's an evil south asian fuck who is the "night watchman" at this particular Pendulum, er, prison (little Foucault joke for all y'all playing at home). Now, I don't like to throw in race normally, but it's important in this case because this particular evil fuck gets away with being an evil fuck BECAUSE of his race. The management explains that he's like that because of his culture (which must be the culture of total assholishness). So, we basically have a modern style Animal Farm going on here with the jolly fat Brit who plays "good cop" and the evil south asian fuck who plays "bad cop".

As an example, in the computer room, which is where I am now, there are 4 different "no food or drink" signs and 6 signs stating that there must be quiet at all times. At most, 8 people could sit in this room at once, which basically means that we all have 2.2 or so signs to ourselves when at capacity, rightn now it's 3.3 signs apiece.

ANYWAY, on Monday, every resident received a letter berating us for being incompentent clowns that can't keep the place clean, leave out dishes, and make too much noise. Discipline and Punish suggests that you have to have enforcement, and sure enough, at the bottom of the note it says that one person has already been kicked out and that management won't hesitate to kick more people out. To me, I think this would be a blessing, but for some, that would ruin them. Yes, this is what's it's come to: there are people here that have to scrape knee and play the game here because the assholes that run this place quite literally control their future here in London. Needless to say, I'm looking for a new place to live.

Of course, I realized today, that I played a direct role in setting up the latest crisis. Apparently, I left a pan out on the stove on Sunday night. I plead that it was not my fault because the girl I was waiting to hear from called me in the middle of my cleaning session and I was clearly unfocused after getting off the phone with her. HOWEVER, I had no idea that I had done such a thing until tonight when I went to retrieve my frying pan so that I could cook my salmon. Guess what? No frying pan. Yep, that's right, evil fuckers that run the house threw it away! Now, it's not that big of a deal. It was a dented piece of shit that someone gave me for free. But that's not the point. The point is, that you don't have to throw people's shit out.

I also have it on VERY good authority that the ONLY person that has complained about the noise is the evil south asian fuck (and I have seen him berate someone before, which I think I mentioned). So, if you add it up, you have 40ish people paying rent to live in a place, but the system is dominated by one particular nasty fuckstick who not only has golden ears, but also can't stand a smidgeon of mess on an occassion basis. Charming.

(Sorry for all the cursing, Mom.)


Blogger liondog said...

I agree with Dave on the pics thing, can we get a glimps on the new style of specs?

4:59 PM  
Blogger liondog said...

Um, yes, please do curtail the cussing, Grace may read this, she is asking what all sorts of different words say now, I would hate for them to be the sort in the bottom of the post. M

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should be! Mom

10:02 AM  

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