Monday, November 29, 2004

Operator Error

The audacity of this place. We hear all kinds of BS about keeping the house clean, safe, etc. But, when it comes to providing the services we PAY for, they can't even do that right. We all thought, all along, that when the internet went out it was BT (British Telecom)'s fault. Not so. Instead, they just aren't doing their job of administrating the network and it's a quick and easy fix when it goes down. Unbelievable.

Tonight, they had a "hall meeting" at 8 pm so that the "Warden" could lecture all of the residents about the rules. Fortunately, I had class, although I could have made it back on time. Instead, I went to the library to "study" (i.e. run into the Real Deal). I did get some work done. Although, I wasn't that focused. She was. Her thesis is due in just over a week and she's really grinding to finish. She'll get it done, but it's a high stress time for her.

Here's a funny joke: Real World thought it would be a good idea if we got a flat together. After I stopped laughing hysterically, I disabused her (nicely) of that idea. Now she's angry with me because she thinks it's personal. Well, it is personal, but I didn't tell her that. See, when you're dealing with complete emotional and mental instability on this level, no amount of reason is sufficient. You can be 100% right and you still get mean text messages. I've already started disassociating myself from her...

Self evidently funny:

Menu at a cafeteria the other day: Hot Spotted Dick.

Class was blissfully short today. We blazed through the material and then had the presentation part. RW got to finish her's on Multi-National Corporations. I almost gutted myself with my pen.

I did manage to get some work done at the library. I'm trying my best to finish these papers by the weekend. That may be optimistic, but I want to be done for two reasons:

1. I want to focus on the exam.
2. I want to be able to go out with RD after she's done with her thesis.

I'd say those are fine motivations. At any rate, I've killed enough of my battery on this and there are clearly better things to do (like check yesterday's football and basketball scores!).


Blogger liondog said...

Did we happen to find out WHAT "hot spotted dick" was???

10:23 PM  
Blogger SJH said...

Hot spotted dick is a piece of cake (or something like cake) covered in hot custard. Don't ask me why they call it that.

4:36 PM  

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